Grey Friends–making of

14th February 2018

“Grey Friend and The Hunter” are the first styles of the slow-luxury accessories line of AGNES NORDENHOLZ. The fur comes from an very rare old german sheep breed, the “Heidschnucke of Lüneburger Heath”. While growing up, the sheep develop the typical grey fur, with shades of white and brown.

Each piece is therefor unique through the natural variation of coloring. The Lüneburger Heath is a historic cultural landscape in the northern part of Germany. Since centuries the Heidschnucke helps to keep the heath cllear through grazing. It is therefor important to maintain the cultural heritage and the ecological system.

Each hide is handselected and cut by hand. When the bags return from the manufacturer, the grooming starts in the atelier of AGNES NORDENHOLZ.

Each bag gets a “haircut” by hand and the fur will be brushed for a long time to get all hair in the right direction. The bags come along with a little beard brush, made of pearwood and boar hair, from a traditional brushmaker from Germany. Brushing the fur not only straightens the hair, but has a calming and meditative effect.