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Grey Friends

“Grey Friend” & “The Hunter” are the first styles of the slow-luxury handbags of AGNES NORDENHOLZ. It combines tradition, quality and craftsmanship made in Germany. The sheep-fur comes from the “Heidschnucke of Lüneburger Heath”, a free-grazing sheep race from northern Germany. While growing up the sheep develop the typical grey fur. Each fur bag is there for unique through the natural variation of coloring and is meticulously fashioned from eco-friendly materials, locally sourced to ensure both quality and sustainability. Today there are not many herds of sheep remaining. AGNES NORDENHOLZ wants to support the breeding of the Heidschnucke through the development of a 100% natural bag line made of the unique sheep fur. “Grey Friend” is combined with one of the most traditional Austrian Loden fabrics: The “Schladminger Loden” made of 100% Wool. “The Hunter”, inspired by traditional hunting bags, is a combination of vegetable tanned leather and fur of the German Heidschnucke and is produced in Germany by a traditional hunting-bag manufacturer. The closure is the signature solid brass turn lock, that gives the bag a “face”.