The Wedding Suit

”A wedding is a wonderful occasion to celebrate love and joy.”

We would like to support you: a pant suit for women for the wedding looks stunning and sophisticated not only as a guest, but especially for the bride. Our selection of festive fabrics will not disappoint you, and you can choose between the best manufacturers from Italy, France or Great Britain.

The Bride And The Wedding Suit For Women

The wedding suit in white, which Bianca Jagger wore at her wedding with Mick Jagger in 1971 in St. Tropez, is still legendary today. If you look at pictures of the wedding, they have lost nothing in terms of timeliness and style. Bianca Jagger, one of the style icons of the 70s also showed on various later occasions that a white pantsuit is versatile.

Pantsuits for ladies at a wedding have character and are an elegant and stylish alternative to dresses and costumes. That’s why specifically our Made To Measure service is ideal for a ladies wedding suit.

white wedding suit made to their measurements is not only an elegant choice for the wedding, but they have a ladies pantsuit that they can wear not only at their wedding, but on many later occasions.
A special investment for their special day.

The white tuxedo is a sophisticated and elegant choice as a wedding suit. Women have several variations to choose from here:

Whether you choose the complete look or combine the jacket with a dress, you have the choice not only for the big day, but also for many later parties and festive occasions.
wedding suit for women is modern and stylish for the bride with character.

We are happy to advise you:
For your wedding pantsuit for ladies

We offer:

  • The double breasted wedding suit
  • The single breasted wedding suit
  • The three piece suit
  • The wedding suit with shawl collar
  • Different blouses and tuxedo shirts
  • Different types of pants

Please book an appointment at least 3-4 months before the event, so that we can be sure to finish the product in time. Products with soul take time, but they last.

The history of the wedding

The history of the wedding and thus the wedding dress is long.

In the Middle Ages in Europe was known the ‘Muntehe’.  Here the woman changed the protective relationship: from her family to her groom. For this a Muntschatz – a redemption sum, was paid to the family.
For a long time, especially among the nobility, marriage was a political and economic decision.
The custom of the dowry or trousseau, which a bride brought into the marriage, often made weddings impossible for women from poorer classes.
Weddings also served as a security for the bride. Even before marriages, sums were negotiated to be paid to the widow, in the event of the death of the spouse. The history of art shows us since the Middle Ages depictions of weddings and marriages.
One of the most famous depictions of a wedding is the painting by
Jan van Eyck: Arnolfini Wedding , from 1434 AD.
Famous representations of weddings from the Renaissance such as wedding Maria de Medici and Henry IV of France,
Jacopo da Empoli 1600 AD show for the first time bright wedding dresses.

As a symbol of purity and innocence, white has become the accepted color for the bride.
In the Europe of democracies, society has freed itself from many constraints through the increasing equality of the sexes. The Netherlands is the first country to allow same-sex marriage by law in 2001, and over the years most European countries follow suit.

The wedding becomes a celebration of love.