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Made in Berlin: WOMEN’S HANDBAGS

The BAGS from Agnes Nordenholz combine contemporary spirit with tradition. A combination of natural materials such as leather, loden, linen, and sheepskin – and a reinterpretation of classic handbag silhouettes for women characterize the line. The Japanese design theory and philosophy of Wabi Sabi are the main inspiration: Nothing is permanent, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect. So, if you’re looking for high-quality “MADE IN BERLIN WOMEN’S HANDBAGS FROM BERLIN, you’re in good hands with Agnes Nordenholz.


Our HANDBAGS are handcrafted in the studio in BERLIN or in cooperation with a family-run factory in Saxony. Sustainability, durability, and fair production are the basic building blocks in the design process. Agnes Nordenholz’s WOMEN’S BAGS thus combine contemporary spirit with tradition and represent the best of a BERLIN BAG MANUFACTORY. We are proud to produce bags that are “MADE IN BERLIN”.

MATERIALS: Vegetable-tanned Leather & mountain loden

The leather used in the handbags is vegetable-tanned, the oldest and highest quality method of leather production. Only plant-based ingredients such as leaves or bark are used for tanning. The leather of our handbags comes from tanneries in Germany and Italy. We exclusively use European raw materials. A trademark of the accessories is the rope handle and the brass twist lock, a custom-made piece from Italy. The lock is made without additional gold or protective coating to maintain the natural color of the material. Both the leather and the brass parts develop a patina over time and with use. This aging process is seen as an essential part of the soul of a product in reference to the tradition of Wabi-Sabi. The linen is traditional rucksack linen from Austria, which is water-repellent due to special treatment. The used mountain loden, a woolen fabric, which is compacted by felting in the wet state, also comes from Austria. For the handbag models of the Artisanal line, the leather is additionally hand-painted with graphic lines and sewn with traditional saddle stitching and linen thread.

“The Saddle” – The Recommendation by Kerstin Wenig

We’re proud that our women’s handbags from Berlin not only receive recognition in the fashion world but are also recommended by influential personalities like Kerstin Weng, the Head of Editorial Content at VOGUE Germany. Her particular focus is on our handbag “The Saddle”. This masterpiece combines timeless elegance with practical functionality and is a must-have for fashion-conscious women.