The Hunter


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Material:  100% vegetable tanned leather, sheep fur from old german sheepbreed Heidschnucke

2 inner compartments with embossed Logo
1 inner zipper bag with a polished YKK zipper
without lining
gold plated brass hardware
detachable short rope handle and an adjustable strap : 123 cm  – 138 cm
additional brush of pear wood and boar hair for brushing the fur


Size: 25 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm

Production: Germany

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Inspired by traditional hunting bags, `The Hunter´ is a combination of vegetable tanned leather and fur of the german Heidschnucke.
It combines tradition, quality and craftsmanship.
The fur comes from the `Heidschnucke of Lüneburger Heath´, a free-grazing sheeprace from northern Germany.
While growing up the sheep develop the typical grey fur.
Each piece is therefor unique through the natural variation of colouring.
The Lüneburger heath is a historic cultural landscape. Since centuries the Heidschnucke helps to keep the heath clear through grazing and is therefor important to maintain the cultural heritage.
The farmers from Lüneburger heath represent a traditional and sustainable small-scale industry. The Heidschnucke offers a 100% biological meat and is appreciated by modern slowfood kitchen for its healthy lowfat quality and delicious taste.
Today there are not many herds of sheep remaining.

AGNES NORDENHOLZ wants to support the breeding of the Heidschnucke through the development of a 100% natural accessories range made out of the beautiful unique sheepfur.

It has a rope handle with solid brass ends, an adjustable, detachable leatherstrap and  2 inner sections with 1 zipper pocket.
The closure is the signature solid brass turn lock, that gives the bag a `face´.
When the bags return from the manufacturer, the grooming starts in the Atelier of
Each bag gets a `haircut´ by hand and the fur will be brushed for a long time to get all hair in the right direction.
`The Hunter´ is made in Germany by a traditional hunting-bag manufacturer.



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Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 8 cm