Nordenholz x Klessmann

11th June 2020
handwoven plaid, wool and linen combination

The five plaids

In a collaboration with the Studio Klessmann from Berlin, I developed 5 handwoven plaids, each of them unique and one of a kind.
The plaids are inspired by the materials, textures and colors of my handbags collection.
Especially Linen, Wool and the warm tone of the brass locks and the vegetable tanned leather gave the main color inspiration.
All plaids have a repeating stripe pattern, that is once in a while interrupted by a small stripe or single thread in a different color.

These `disruptors´ should emphasize the handmade character of the shawls.
In the Japanese aesthetic concept Wabi Sabi, imperfections are worshiped as true beauty.

The plaids are made in a combination of Italian wool and Swedish linen, perfect for a summer evening or a walk at the seaside.
With the size of the plaid you can wrap yourself inside or throw it over your shoulder and show the luxurious elegance of the plaid.

I met Christina Klessmann over a year ago by chance, as I was selling leftover fabrics in my studio, and she bought some of them for her work.
We stayed in contact over social media and I was intrigued by the beauty and the process of the hand loom weaving. I visited her at her atelier in Berlin Charlottenburg and the more I saw about this technique, the more I was fascinated. It seems a very anachronistic craft, especially in a time, when everything has to be fast and the price as low as possible. But it is craftsmanship in its purest form. The slowness and the accurateness of the process make it an authentic product, a highly precious product with a soul.

About Christina

Christina Klessmann, born in Berlin, studied textile design at the University of Art in Berlin and at the  Institute Français de la Mode Paris, where she gained her diploma in 1997.
She worked 12 years as an artistic assistant at the Institute for Textile- und Fashiondesign at the University of Art Berlin. After her apprenticeship in hand-loom weaving, she opened her own studio 2013 in Berlin Charlottenburg.

Foto Christina copyright: Sarah Winborn