The Remnant Project

21st December 2020

If there is something positive about the year 2020, then it is taking the time to develop small projects and collaborations.

The Remnant Project is a collaboration with Christina Klessmann and it is all about the fabric and fur remnants from former Agnes Nordenholz productions.

Christina cut the fabric pieces in small stripes and created new handwoven textiles out of them, combining them with linen thread. We created 11 soulful products out of this.

The 3 bucket bags are combining the handwoven textile with remnants of sheep-fur. Small leftover pieces of fur were sewn together and combined with leather and the handwoven textiles.

Working with the remnants, the cut offs, the leftovers is emphasizing the slow luxury concept of Agnes Nordenholz. Slow luxury means appreciating the material and our ressources and creating one of a kind pieces rather than industrial mass production. Making these products involved a lot of handwork and it is this time and slowness of the process, that makes these products soulful. Each piece tells a story.

The details show the beautiful irregularities of the different length of the fabric stripes cut off the remnants.